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Monday 27 February 2012

Monkeys Landrover Defender

This cake was ordered for the birthday of a guy who answers to the nickname of Monkey.

His girlfriend wanted their Landrover Defender made into a cake with a monkey drinking a pint of guiness on the top... and as you might already be aware, your wish is my cakey command so that is exactly what she got!!
I absolutely loved making this cake, a definite favourite of mine so far! :)

Happy Birthday Monkey!!

Thursday 9 February 2012

Disco Cupcakes, Snobs Nightclub, Birmingham

£18 (+£4 p&p)

Vintage Photo Cupcakes

For my wonderful, amazing and beautiful sisters birthday this year I wanted to make some yummy cakeyness designed around her passion for picking up random vintage objects & photographs, and giving them a new home and lease of life. Over the last few years she has become highly skilled at this!!

So I decided to design some cupcakes using vintage photographs as decoration giving me a chance to experiment with the art of edible printing. This edible printing lark has been on my mind quite a bit recently, not in the manner of being able to decorate hundreds of cupcakes with David Beckham’s face in 30 seconds flat, but from a more creative and artistic point of view and these cupcakes gave me the perfect excuse.

I took my chosen images down to my local cake shoppe where I was able to have two pages printed for a small fee. I was presented with printed sheets of thin icing which you simply cut to size and glue to your cake and although I use the word 'simply', I can definitely confirm that there is a 'knack' to it!! I will admit that I wasn't overwhelmed with the print quality but I suppose it all depends on the printer and I can't help my perfectionist ways can I?! J

I will most definitely be experimenting further in the art of edible printing, and my sister absolutely loved her cupcakes, to the point of wanting to frame them uneaten, forever... but panic not, I ate one anyway! J

Happy Birthday MJ!! xxx

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Eat Me!!!

Eat Me Cupcakes
£18 (+£4 p&p)

Cupcakes for his Princess...

I hope you won’t mind but I really wanted to explain a little bit about these cupcakes...
They were ordered by a friend of mine for his girlfriend’s birthday and he was the perfect customer and boyfriend knowing exactly what she'd like! 

He wanted the cakes to encapsulate aspects of her heritage along with the colours of her favourite dress… how sweet is that?!

So, he supplied me images of the Sikh emblem, the Wolverhampton Wanderers badge and a few photos of her favourite dress for the overall colour scheme.  As well as this he asked that the last cupcake be a picture of Princess Peach from Mario as he is always calling her his princess… to which he added… “don’t be sick!”, to which I replied “I just puked!”!!.  Then he had the cheek to suggest that deep down I’d like someone to call me ‘Princess’ too.  Maybe he's right?  I guess I’ll just have to see how it feels if anyone ever does!

Anyhoo… I digress… again…

With all the images and imagination supplied I was able to make the birthday girl the perfect cupcakes and she loved them!!  A happy ending to my tale I hope you’ll agree.

P.S.  Apologies for lowering the tone of this story with talk of puking! x

Monday 6 February 2012

Toy Story Cake... additional photos... :)

Here are a few close up shots of the Toy Story cake characters... of which I am secretly really pleased with!! :)
Ham Pig

Buzz's Feet Detail

Slinky Dog
The Cake!!