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Here at The Coloured Bubble Cakery all my cakes and cupcakes are lovingly hand baked and decorated to the highest standards and the tiniest of details. My blog is here to update you on my recent projects along with lots other exciting news about the Cakery. You can also follow the cakery on Twitter and Facebook for a more interactive way of staying up to date, if that's the way you roll. Cakes and Cupcakes are available to order for any occasion. Please feel free to contact me at, through the contact me tab on Facebook or give me a call on 01242 698698, all enquiries are welcome, Rachel at The Coloured Bubble Cakery :) x NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON!!

Wednesday 20 March 2013

The Cake Away Collection...!!

The Coloured Bubble Cakery would like to introduce

The 'Cake Away' Collection!


The ‘Cake Away’ Collection has been designed to create an 'off the shelf' experience to make ordering a cake for your event or as a gift totally stress-free.

Each 'Cake Away' cake is a 8" sponge of your choice which will feed around 15 people.  They can be ordered with as little as 1 weeks notice for collection only and are priced at £60.

All you need to do is choose your design along with a flavour and your order is complete!
Here are the first designs available, with more designs to be added as soon as I can…

The Animal (colour and age customisable)

The Spotted Gift (colour customisable)


Jude's 1st (name & age customisable)

Yummy Strawberry Sponge

Trains (age customisable)

Flavours available to choose from are:

Chocolate & Nutella
Vanilla & Raspberry Jam
Lemon Drizzle
Coffee Cake
Carrot Cake

Monday 18 March 2013

Hagrids Hut


Being an enormous Harry Potter fan I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to make a Harry Potter themed cake for the 6th Birthday of little Abi.

After a few discussions on designs we decided to recreate Hagrid's Hut along with Hagrid himself, & of course Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Carved out of 7 layers of vanilla and jam sponge this cake was pretty big, and easily covered the 20-ish kids at the party... but with Harry Potter joy in my heart I went a bit over the top, I just couldn't help myself!! :)

Here are a couple of close up's of the characters, each of them armed and ready for trouble from 'He Who Must Not Be Named'. 
(I'd like to add that this is based on Hermione before she started plucking her eyebrows!)

and it's yummy innards...




Knitting Cake

 This cake was made to celebrate Sheila's 80th Birthday.

It's a delicious Vanilla and Jam sponge decorated with a quilted and crimped edge design which is unusual in my work but effective none the less.

Sheila is an avid knitter so the cake was finished with a little square of knitting and a ball of wool in her favourite colour....


Ladies Bottom (censored)

It's taken me a while to get around to posting this cake on to Facebook, let alone writing a blog post about it, as, although I'm not of the prudish nature myself and neither apparently was this customer, I have to keep in mind that some out there may find this cake offensive  not to mention upsetting the kids.

 It's an 'each to his own' type o' world after all and I feel it's important to declare that cakes can take on all sorts of forms, including, like this one, a lady bending over.

The cheeks are decorated with musical notes to touch on the birthday boy's passion for music as well as bottoms!

I have censored this image to avoid offending anyone... I hope everyone will see the fun side...

I'm not entirely sure that I'd make this cake for my dad... but as I mentioned above... each to their own!?

Boyzie's 60th Boob Cake

To celebrate Boyzie's 50th Birthday his mates all got their heads together and decided that his ideal cake would be boobs, (well he is a man) decorated in accordance with his favourite team... Chelsea.

His mates asked that they be of the extra large variety so I set about comparing pyrex bowls for the perfect cup size and decided that this would be my first boob cake to have nipples on show...

Unfortunately, as this cake was mainly discussed over a pint of cider and a game of darts it turned out that Boyzie's mate Adam had actually said 60th... oops... my bad... luckily I saw Adam in good time to be able to change it to 60th... not in time to retake the photo's but you get the idea..!

Sorry Boyzie... 

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Motley Crue Leather Jacket Cake

This February I had the supreme pleasure of making my lovely friend Paul's 40th Birthday Cake!!

His wife (for all intents and purposes) got in touch a few weeks before hand and asked if I might like to replicate Paul's 'Motley Crue' leather jacket..."of course" I said, "I'd be thrilled!"

So I popped over for a cuppa, chit-chat-catch-up and to pick up said jacket while Paul was out, none the wiser... I knew this was gonna be a challenge but I think my legs went a little bit wobbly when I saw it in the flesh.

Here it is in all it's circa '94 glory... 

An airbrush masterpiece created by Paul's friend Martin in 1994, it's a mighty complicated picture, I had what could be described as an epiphany when I realised that the bottom right hand corner is in fact the characters knuckles but I would still struggle to tell you exactly what's going on in the scene!!

This is the part where I regret not taking more photos of my progress but it was a pretty hardcore hand painting slog lasting approximately 15 hours over 2 stints with plenty of company from friends to keep me sane so it was more a case of just wanting to get it finished on time.  As it was, I ended up having only half an hour to doll myself up, find my purse and get me and the cake to the restaurant... there's nothing quite like taking it right up to the wire eh?!!

Just in case you're wondering...
...I started by making a simple stencil of a few of the main shapes within the picture, I laid it over the icing and painted faintly through leaving a random assortment of lines but even though they made no sense they made it simpler to make sure the main parts of the picture were to scale and in the right place.  

Then I coloured it in...

 I used rough stencils for the wording too, just to give me a hand getting them perfect...

 And here he is, finished and ready to jump in the taxi with me...

 This is the Birthday Boy modelling his cakey leathers...

And this is its yummy chocolate and Nutella innards...

HAPPY 40th PAUL!!! :) xx