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Thursday 29 March 2012

A Hand Painted Synchronised...

I'm not sure where to start with this one...
I received a call from a customer asking for a cake showing the 2012 Gold Cup winner Synchronised biting the cup as seen in the papers.  
It was a last minute order and as the customer wanted fruit cake she was happy to supply the cake, so all I had to do was paint the horse in question onto a plaque to fit on the cake... how hard could that be??!

Well, I'll tell you now that the idea made me sweat a little as I've never viewed my painting skills as anything more than mediocre!  But I do love a challenge!! :)
Unfortunately, the photo in the papers showing Synchronised taking a nibble at the cup was a bad shot of the horse himself so I needed to improvise the scene a little, using a different, more side on shot of him and a separate photo of the Gold Cup... ideally, having the Gold Cup in person to work from would've been better but I didn't think I could be trusted to keep it safe!!! Ha!!

Stupidly, I had a practice attempt on a scrap of icing before attempting the final work on the plaque I had prepared and annoyingly it was a surprisingly good effort, making me feel like it would be impossible to duplicate it again anywhere near as well.

I'll let you decide how you think I did.  Personally, although the idea frightened me beyond belief I was quite impressed by my paint job! :)

I also covered the cake board with white icing and added an extra ribbon to the edge of the board to finish the job properly along with a little message from the birthday girl's sons...

Poker Cake

It's March again and every year I make my friend Dominic his birthday cake.
Last year he chose the Born In The USA album cover as he is an obsessive fan of The Boss, this year though he had something else on his mind...  Poker.
Being an avid Poker fan, along with so many people these days it seems, he gave me specific details that he wanted on the cake, the playing cards for example were to be the PKR design, this part I understood, but for the actual hand that had been dealt, in the flop, turn & river (I hope my small amount of poker knowedge won't go unnoticed here!) as well as the cards dealt to the players, I was lost!  According to Dominic, the cards that he chose to be on view would allow either a 'Ghostbusters' hand or a 'Gremlins' hand to be on offer, both of these things mean nothing to me but apparently they won't mean anything to most people as they seem to be some kind of private Poker joke between his mates... I'm sure it's hilarious if you're 'in the know'!

Anyhoo... more about the cake... filled with 3 layers of vanilla sponge and lashing of raspberry jam it was a massive hit with his mates which is the best part of cake making!  It put a smile on Dominic's face too :)


Monday 12 March 2012

Peppa Pig & Family

Rich's White Mini Birthday Cake

For Rich's birthday his mother wanted a replica of his pride and joy, his white Mini.
She sent me photos of him with his Mini so I was able to make sure all the details were perfect.
The cake was carved with Chocolate sponge and filled with lashings of Chocolate Spread and went down a treat!! :)

Simple White Wedding Cake with Bride, Groom & Page Boy/Dog!

This Wedding cake was ordered by a couple that were secretly heading off to Gretna Green to be married so it was a totally top secret order!
They asked that the Bride and Groom have purple cravat and flowers and that their dog Ben be wearing a matching purple bow tie as he was to be the Page Boy/Dog :)
How utterly romantic?!

Bride, Groom & Page Dog Topper

Dress Detail

Congratulations Mark & Sarah! xx

Tuesday 6 March 2012

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