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Monday 11 February 2013

Monochromatic Music Cake...

Cleo's mum got in touch to order this cake to be delivered to her school whist she was in lessons, with the insider help of Cleo's House Mistress.

Decorated with delicate gum paste musical notes that needed slotting into place once delivered, I found I had a questionably unsteady hand while completing the task.  

I can't help but wonder if it might have been the watching eyes of the House Mistress that took me swiftly back to a time when I feared such authoritative figures, no offence intended to this House Mistress, she was absolutely lovely but old habits die hard after all.

Here's Cleo's cake...

Football Shirts of Manchester

It seems that Football related cakes for the 'hims' out there are pretty darn popular and just recently the sports shirt cakes have taken off.

Over the last couple of months I have made 2 football shirt cakes, both from Manchester based clubs but both very different and most important, not to be mixed up!

For example, whilst making the Manchester City shirt I had the terrible fleeting thought that the customer might just have said 'united', not 'city'!!!  After a quick double check all was on track and the pale blue cake in front of me was fine and dandy.

But, I would just like to question who out there decided that this seasons Manchester United shirt would be checkered!?!?  They obviously didn't take into account the cake decorators out there that would inevitably be trying to replicate these very designs at some point.  Doh!!

Anyhoo, enough of all my moans... here are the cakes....
(in no particular order!)

Applique Bird Cake

Well, it's been that time of year again when my sister gets a birthday cake!
Last year I experimented with edible printing and if I'm honest, I haven't found a use for it since.

No, this year was altogether different.  Knowing that she has a penchant for little birds, including Toggle and Skip, her and her son's little tiger finches I had a Google for bird cakes.  

Originally looking for something of the hand painted variety I came across the sweetest bird cake ever!!!
Made originally by Kassie (Flickr) it was created to resemble applique.  Being from a 
'make & do' family I loved it at first sight and knew my sister would too!

Filled with yummy vanilla sponge, buttercream and raspberry jam...

The perfect sweet treat for the end of the night...


Skater Cake

Anyone who knows kids knows that children change all the time, one day its Peppa Pig and the next it's One Direction etc!
Well this year, for Jamie's 8th Birthday his mum decided to run with his new found interest in skateboarding and ordered him a cake to match his present.

The cake involved a rather rambunctious gum paste skateboard that caused me serious jip while waiting for it to set!  Fortunately it all turned out ok on the day and Jamie loved his cake! :)

Happy 8th Birthday Jamie!!

Parisian Cupcakes

This year the cupcakes for his Princess's birthday were designed to celebrate their up and coming Paris getaway.

The City of love and romance depicted here with the cunning use of the following symbols:

The French Flag, The Eiffel Tower, Berets & Stripes, Wine, Bread & Cheese and let's not forget the Snails!

Unfortunately I had a little 'faux pas' whilst uploading the photo to the facebook cakery page, as I was promptly messaged by my friend to say that said Princess had seen them on facebook before he had given them to her!!!  Company policy being that cake images aren't uploaded anywhere until the cakey recipient has seen them - Oops!)
Luckily for me the birthday girl, and I quote "absolutely did not put 2 and 2 together!"


Happy Birthday Meena!!!