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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Prescott Hill Climb Cake

Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to create a customers requested theme in cake form and this cake was one of those times.

The customer ordered a cake based around the local race track, Prescott Hill Climb and he asked that it include two of the cars that the birthday boy had raced on the track.

Now, like all racetracks, Prescott has its own unique route with its own twists and turns and hair pin bends and I wanted to recreate the shape onto the cake but this meant that unless I made one HUGE cake, the cars would inevitably not be to scale with the track. 
I made the decision to make the cars on the track as small as I could without leaving out too much detail.  
So although this cake features Prescott Hill Climb race track with its bridge, a Hillman Imp and a Racing car, you will have to forgive the differences in scale!!

Cricket Bat Cake

For David's 50th Birthday his family ordered him a cricket bat cake. 

At first the customer was unsure whether the cake needed to be created around his own bat or whether it just needed to be a cricket bat cake in general but when David's wife was asked, she confirmed, saying "Oh yes, he loves that bat more than me!".  Typical man! ;)

 So I was sent photos of his bat showing all the details of the nicks and scuffs of years gone by so I could make his cake as accurate as possible.

These are the pictures I received...

The cake was filled with the classic vanilla sponge and raspberry jam and the ball was created from rice crispie cake also known as RCC's in the trade, it took me a while to decipher this abbreviation so I felt the need to share the knowledge with you!

There was quite a bit of hand painting and a steady hand required for the Newbery logo but it was worth it to get it spot on.

Here's the finished cake...

David loved it; according to the customer he didn't want to cut it, and instead ate the ball first!!

Monday 19 November 2012

Cherry on Top Cupcakes

I made these cakes for my neighbours daughter.
I love them so much and would love to offer them nationally as per all my cupcakes but I have no idea how to post them as their wafers would immediately break... if I come up with any clever ideas I'll update this blog!
But for now, feast your eyes on these...

The Red Dalek

Back in the 80's when I was a little girl Dr Who was probably the scariest thing on the telly that I was allowed to watch, but all I could ever do was hide behind the sofa, and I still can't do scary telly things to this day!! 

Years later Dr Who is still a national treasure with 99% of my friends of all ages watching it religiously including my friends little 8 year old boy Huxley who watches it pretty much on loop and could be classed as a walking Dr Who encyclopaedia!

So in order to write this blog post I decided to refer to my good ol' friend 'Wiki' for the facts about Dr Who and its history, and therefore would like to offer the following fascinating information that you might perhaps find interesting...

Dr Who first graced our TV screens in 1963 with the 1st incarnation of the Time Lord in the shape of William Hartnell, to put this in perspective for myself, my ol' dad was just 14!!
It originally spanned 26 years, included 26 series and 7 different Dr Who incarnations, famously Jon Pertwee & Tom Baker and one incarnation in particular that can currently be found surviving on a diet of rice & beans in the Australian jungle!!

After an attempted relaunch in 1996 it was 2005 that Dr Who won the nations hearts once again with the 9th Dr Who, Christopher Eccleston and it is hopefully and more than likely, here to stay.

The Daleks, created by writer Terry Nation and BBC designer Raymond Cusick were apparently intended to be an allegory of the Nazis (well, I never knew). They d├ębuted in the 2nd ever season of Dr Who in '63, and have been the Dr's main antagonist ever since with their instantly recognisable metallic voices and their frequent remark: "EXTERMINATE!", so famous in fact that they even featured on a postage stamp in 1999!!

Due to the above facts and findings it is unsurprising that Dr Who and Dalek cakes are ordered today and why Gabriella's parents ordered her the Red Dalek for her 11th Birthday.

Here's Gabriella's Cake...

Standing about 14" in height on a 12" cake board and filled with delicious chocolate sponge and Nutella it weighed an absolute ton!!!
Gabriella LOVED it!!! :)

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Blue Hawaii Cake

For the lover of all things Elvis this is the perfect cake.
The birthday girl has a particular penchant for Elvis' Blue Hawaii album so her cake was based around the album cover.

I especially enjoyed making this cake as it gave me an excuse to gaze into a young Elvis' eyes while creating him from sugar, and what a lovely pair of blue eyes they are along with the fabulous famous 'Elvis do' including some incredible side burns!!

Kiddies Character Cupcakes

Featuring Thomas, Sam, Bob, Raa-Raa, Minnie and Pat!
(I'm on first name terms with them as you can see!)