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Friday 4 May 2012

Cakery Closed for Holiday...

Hi Everybody :)

I just wanted to let you know that The Cakery will be closed from 7th - 28th May while I have a holiday.
Please understand, I realise how very, very lucky I am to be able to get away for so long and I will appreciate every minute of it I promise!
I will still have access to my emails so if you want to get in touch about a future cake order or even just an enquiry then please go ahead and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

The Cakery & I will be back and firing on all cylinders from Monday 28th May and any voice mails will be heard then, so if it's not urgent feel free to leave me a message... I think the machine will save them until I'm back!?

Until then, enjoy May!  J x

Favourite Fictional Character Competition... The Prizes!

Here are the prizes that were won in the recent Cakery Competition along with the winning entries...

1st Prize went to Daisy Green with her entry...

"My favourite fictional character is The Little Prince. I love the book so much, it is an inspiration every time I read it. It is about love and loss and relationships and it is just so beautiful. 

I have The Little Prince tattooed on my arm, and I gave my little boy the middle name Renard after the Fox in the story. Each night when I put my boy to bed I whisper in his ear "Always look with you heart, you can't always see the important things with just your eyes", which is my simplification of my favourite line from the book spoken by the fox."

This was such a heartwarming entry that it just had to win 1st prize...  this was Daisy's prize...

2nd Prize went to Charlotte Aldridge with this entry...

"My favourite fictional character is Marianne from Sense and Sensibility. Headstrong and independent but secretly waiting to be swept off her feet. I love it when she realises Colonel Brandon is her soulmate. I'm lucky to have met mine too :)"

If I'm totally honest, Charlotte won 2nd prize with this entry as it reminded me a little bit of me!!!!!  I consider myself very much independent and headstrong but would also love to be swept off my feet.  (small note to a certain someone that might or might not be reading my blog.... go on, sweep me off my feet, but do it properly and full heartedly please!!), anyhoo, I digress....
Sense & Sensibility is now very much in my list of books to devour asap!!

Here are the Cupcakes Charlotte won...

Plus of course, a massive, humungous, ginormous THANK YOU to everyone that entered. 
I loved reading though your entries!! xx

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Plasticine Cupcakes

I wanted to tell you all a little bit more about the thoughts & reasoning behind the Plasticine Cupcakes.
I made these cupcakes for one of my closest friend's little boy, Huxley who turned 8 yesterday.

I chose to make him plasticine cupcakes due to his huge love & amazing talent at plasticine modelling, he has given me permission to show you a couple of his models, and here they are, I hope you'll agree that he's a very talented little boy...

So with this in mind and a large box of Plasticine as his present it made sense to make him Plasticine cupcakes!   I like to have a theme you see??!  Even his card had Morph on the front!

Here are his cupcakes, they're very simple but I loved mixing & choosing the colours...

... and Huxley loved them...

from left to right, Ziggy, Huxley & Jude!