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Friday 4 October 2013

Ice Skater Cake

This cake was ordered for a mothers birthday and was designed to show the birthday girl skating on her local rink in Nottingham.  

The customer provided me with images of her mum in her skating outfit and a few of The National Ice Centre and its advertising boards.

I kept the cake simple to make it slightly more elegant than an ice rink covered in hockey pitch markings and decorated it simply with a few thrown roses...

and here's the birthday girl herself in all her ice skating glory...

Sarah & Don's Mini Wedding Cakes

Well, when thinking about writing this blog post I thought I'd link it to the post I'd written when I'd originally made these cakes for my friend Rich and his wedding... but it seems that I never wrote it or at least I can't find it, so I won't.  Sorry about that!

So, perhaps just a brief explanation; earlier this year I created these cakes for Rich & Sarah's Wedding.  
After a few samples of different innards Rich and Sarah opted for these cakes filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache and Morella Cherry Fruitiness.  Individually wrapped in modelling chocolate and topped with a Milk Tray each (because the lady loves...) these were pretty darn deeeelicious and created what I call a 'chocolate sweat', you know: when your heart rate increases from pure chocolateyness, YUM!!

Well it just so happened that Don & Sarah, friends of Rich & Sarah and guests at their wedding fell in love with these cakes and ordered them for their own wedding in August.

But Sarah & Don went one better (sorry, no offense Rich & Sarah!) and decided to order not only the original chocolate option but also wanted a white chocolate version decorated with Fresh Raspberries and with White Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Fruity yumminess inside!!

And here they are...

The Celtic Football Club Cake

 I wasn't entirely sure that I had the details correct when I took the order for this cake.  

You see, it was ordered by my friend Rich for his wife's birthday.  
Rich's wife is Lauren, she's American and as far as I knew couldn't' have cared less about Celtic FC but oh how wrong I was.

As it turns out, Lauren has Scottish blood and is quite quite interested in Celtic FC, shame she had to sit through Wolves play live on her actual birthday though, and no, they weren't playing Celtic.

The cake wasn't delivered all the way to them at home in Pennsylvania by the way, unfortunately The Cakery hasn't the sheer scale for deliveries like that, luckily for us Rich and Lauren were visiting so I only had to take it 2 minutes up the road.

 Anyway, enough of that, here's Lauren's Cake...

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Sugar Glitter Cupcakes

After sharing a post on Facebook detailing the procedure for creating edible 'glitter' from sugar I was immediately asked by a friend to try and create some Glitter Cupcakes for her absolutely adorable mums' upcoming surprise birthday party.  

So while experimenting in the kitchen with granulated sugar and a selection of colours from my food colour collection I thought in advance to take photos so that maybe I could do a little tutorial for you all in the future... and here it is...

It was pretty simple, hence so few photos! ;) 

I mixed granulated sugar with one colour and stirred... for quite a while, until all the colour was mixed properly... (I did the measurements by eye, I knew I wanted them bright so I was generous with the food colour).

This is how it was looking after only a bit of stirring... (I used my normal Sugarflair colour pastes as well as the slightly runnier Americolor gels, I diluted the Sugarflair colours with a few drops of vodka help them mix with the sugar).

 then they started looking like this after stirring for quite a while longer...

Then, once I had mixed enough colours to fill my big roasting pan I fashioned little 'boats' out of tin foil and popped them in a pre-heated oven at 175C (or 350F) for about 10 mins.  I gleaned that the idea of the oven bit is simply to dry the sugar out after being mixed with the colour paste, so if they came out of the oven a bit wet and steamy I simply popped them back in for a few mins until they looked drier...

Here are the selection of 'Glitters' that I created for Diane's surprise birthday party cupcakes...

And here are the finished cupcakes.  I must admit, it was a bit of a messy job, I opted for edible glue (something I wouldn't normally use at all) to try and stick the glitter on, one day I will try them again and hopefully create something that doesn't look like it was made by a 4 year old... they didn't according to my friends, but I do have a super critical eye...
I guess you can make up your own minds...


A Classic Ballet Cake

To celebrate the daughter of a friend's 18th Birthday it was decided that a classic and simple Ballet Cake would be perfect for Lucia's BIG day as ballet is what Lucia does best...

HAPPY 18th LUCIA!!! xx

Weightlifting Cake

I've been working through some of my recent 'font finds' recently and this cake is sporting exactly that.
It would be stating the obvious to tell you that this cake was made for Luke for his 21st Birthday and that Luke is into his weightlifting but there you go anyway.  What you don't know is that this cake was made from Lemon Drizzle Cake and smelled delicious!!!

Now I can't remember what this new 'font find' was called but I think you'll agree when I say that it 'marries well' with the fun theme of the cake!!

Here's a little close up of the weightlifting fella, I chose to paint him the face that I would pull if I attempted any sort of weightlifting activity.

According to Luke's mum he absolutely loved his cake and so did everyone else :)