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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Lovely Jax's 50th :)

OK, so she certainly doesn't look it... or act it, but you will have to take my word for it when I tell you that my lovely friend Jax turned 50 last month!

She asked me to make her cake (although to be honest I would've done it whether she'd asked or not) but she left the design completely up to me...eek!

So I went off on holiday with my sketch pad and the best intentions to have it fully designed by the time I got home, and therefore just in time to make it on the following day.  But alas, due to far too much fun & relaxation this didn't happen and I arrived home from a 10 hour flight with a blank pad and only 48 hours to design it, create it and get it to sunny Weymouth for her party!!

I had initial grand designs in my head for a cake designed around her life as she's certainly filled the last 50 years to the brim.  
I wanted to encapsulate all the wonderful things about her, her youth as a biker & a model; her love of cats with too many toes (also know as polydactyl's); our shared obsession of all things 'Edward Cullen', her amazing talents as a swimmer & photographer (not at the same time), all her wonderful children and grand children, not to mention that she has survived one of the scariest human illnesses known and still lives to tell the tale and smile everyday... along with a huge list of other fabulous things that make Jax who she is.

But time was against me, not to mention the jetlag and with all of the above in mind I realised there was no way I could do her life justice in the time I had!  (Note to self: Jax's 60th!)   
So I decided to make something beautiful to match Jax and her personality and a few badly baked & disposed of sponges (and lots of 'sleeps') later I finally managed to bake a decent cake to decorate!!  

I used white and ivory along with 2 shades of pink to create simple flowers with a touch of pearly dusting to finish them.

Here's Jax's cake...

and just to prove that it survived the two and a half hour journey on what seemed like the hottest day of the year...

I should add, that it's thanks to Jax that The Coloured Bubble Cakery started in the first place, as it was her birthday a few years ago that I made my first cake!!  

Thanks Jax, Happy Birthday, 
love you loads & always will. xxx

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