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Friday 20 April 2012

Ariel aka The Little Mermaid

As some of you out there may already know, 'your cakey wish is my command' and this is no exception when it comes to little family members, so when my soon to be 5 year old niece Maeve (also, endearingly known as Mavis or Maevy Gravy) requested an Ariel cake I got googling!!

I'm not massively up with my Disney Princesses, so was confused to find that Ariel is actually, in fact The Little Mermaid, which I've heard of.
I must admit that I like to think that Maeve's request was due to Ariel's uncannily resemblance to me... OK, well maybe just the red flowing locks... my fin is a completely different design, but I can see similarities!!  :) 

So a vanilla & jam sponge Ariel cake it was, and a bit of a last minute rush too.  
Flounder's tiny expression could look a little less shocked but as I've said, time was against me!  
I had to have two attempts at Ariel's shell brassier as the first attempt could only be described as a 36EE and was totally inappropriate for a 5 year old birthday party, also her welcoming arm posture wasn't exactly planned, but works... I think?!   According to Disney's design, my model of Ariel possibly could've lost a few pounds too, but I don't like to promote anything but healthy curvaceousness in a female... it makes me feel better about myself, what with all the cake I manage to consume!  
All of the my creative criticisms were completely dissolved when Maeve set eyes on her cake though which is why I love my job!

So, here's the finished cake in all its hurried glory... along with some close up shots of the detail...

Ariel Cake
Ariel's Fin Detail
Smiley Ariel & Flounder

Ocean Floor Detail
And, finally, the little Birthday Girl herself and her reaction to her cake... 

Love at first sight?

Happy 5th Birthday Maevy Gravy, lots of love from, Aunty Rachel xx

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