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Thursday 6 September 2012

The Carpenters Cupcakes

I have a friend named Angie
She’s really rather handy
At making things
From other things
& I think that’s just dandy!

 Yeah, so I've got this friend, and her name is Angie and she makes things… mainly out of wood, wood that she finds lying around on the streets, outside people’s houses etc, I’m sure you get the idea, the recycled kind.

Angie is amazing; I gave her an old chest of drawers once and found out that it's recently been re-fashioned into shelving for another friends vinyls.  Recycling like that just warms my heart.

In Angie’s house nothing is wasted, while visiting the other day she explained how she’d found a use for a tiny slither of lacy fabric she’d stashed over 30 years ago… two little dolls summer dresses… obviously.  She’s a little bit nuts but I wouldn’t change her for the world.

Then, it turned out that last month while I was considering new coffee table designs, like you do, Angie was also considering what she could possibly make next and during a little get together a new project came about.

Therefore, to thank her for my absolutely perfect new coffee table that I love dearly and to wish her a Happy Birthday I created these cupcakes featuring little tiny carpentry tools.  They went down a treat at the local pub over a beer or two, or three… ummm… I forget the details.

And just so you can appreciate Angie’s handiwork, I present to you, my new coffee table!!!

& here’s a little something from Angie…

“My Birthday Cupcakes were not only a wonderful surprise but tasted as good as they looked. The degree of thought which went into the personalised decoration was awesome, of course you have to know me to appreciate the relevance but that’s what you're great at doing Rachel. BIG THANKS. Angie :-) X”

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