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Monday 12 August 2013

Vintage Wedding Cake

Being in the wedding industry with her company Unique Wedding Hire, Kerry has wedding design research down to a fine art so when choosing a cake design for her own big day she knew where to start.

Unique Wedding Hire specialise in vintage wedding props, cake stands and table decorations, amongst a plethora of other items (check out her website here) so it stands to reason that Kerry's day would incorporate the vintage theme and her cake choice was perfect to match her special day.

The final cake design was a 3 tiered cake made up of a chocolate cake and carrot cakes with the bottom tier decorated with graduated sage green garrett frills fading to cream, and the top tiers simply decorated with lace and flowers.  Kerry decided to use fresh flowers which she arranged herself leaving me to concentrate on the main decoration... the Garrett Frills! 

This was the first time I'd used garrett frills on a cake, mainly as my cakes are generally far from traditional so it was great to be learning a new skill.  YouTube, as ever was my first point of call, and after a few little video tutorials I set to work with my newly purchased Garrett Frill Cutter!

I used fondant mixed with a little CMC to allow the frills to set harder than fondant alone and as suggested in the tutorials, a cocktail stick to create the frilly edge.  A really simple technique which is extremely effective on a large scale, although I have to admit, I thought I might have callouses by the end from the constant, seemingly never ending rolling of the cocktail stick... my poor poor fingers!

Without the flowers the cake definitely looks unfinished, or should I say, lacking that 'je ne sais quoi'...?!

But with the flowers and in situ amongst cakes and puds made by guests it looks perfect...

And here's the happy couple completing the traditional task of
taking a sharp knife to it... ;)


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